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Do Not Give The Devil A Foothold .

There’s power in peace! If the devil can’t get you upset he has no power over you! He only gains control when you “lose it.” He’ll actually set you up to get you upset; that way he can steal your peace, confuse you and cause you to run circles.                  Read More...

Speaking Life Into Our Own Lives

When we go through things in our lives, or we battle SINS in our lives, we allow it to become our focus. We allow it to block the direction, blessing, and promises that God has for us. I often relate it to a mountain.                  Read More...

Antioch Oasis International

Antioch Oasis International is a network of churches and ministries based on relationship, not a formal structure. It is a safe haven for fellow laborers in the kingdom to receive encouragement, ministry and also to fellowship with people who can truly understand their calling. The desire of AOI and its leaders is to serve and bless not only you, but your congregation so that you are able to grow and walk in the fullness of what the Lord has for you.


International Pentecostal Holiness Church

The official site for the IPHC. We believe in Justification by Faith, Sanctification, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Divine Healing and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.


Sonshine Network Ministries

A part of the IPHC - With missionaries in over 80 countries, Sonshine Network Ministries is involved in worldwide ministry and have 225+ churches and over 600 licensed and ordained ministers. Most of their churches are in Florida, Georgia, and Puerto Rico. However, they do have some churches in other states and countries.


Word of Life Faith Centre

Word of Life Faith Centre is a church under the covering of the ministry of Christian Worship Center. Check out what God is doing in (Port of Spain) Trinidad, South America with Pastor Ravi.


Trinity Fellowship

Trinity Fellowship is a church in Tyler, Texas with Pastor and Prophet Kerry Kirkwood.


Let's Say Thanks To Our Troops

Click here and send a card directly to our troops to show your gratitude.